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New 2017 Leading Edge Technology Offerings


Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Enables you to find, understand, and secure cloud apps in real-time across any applications

-Netskope uses advanced discovery technology to find all cloud apps and assess their risk
-Understand cloud usage and risk details at a granular level for policy enforcement
-Cloud data protection strategy and “encrypt any PII found in our sanctioned cloud storage app
-Protect data being accessed outside of the firewall perimeter via mobile devices.


Real Time Malware Detection via Machine Learning

Quantify and Analyze all of the content coming into your network in real time

-Real-time malware detection at network level
-Highly Accurate Out-of-the-Box
-Accelerates Incident Remediation (IR)
-Interoperable with Existing IDS/IPS/SIEM/Threat Intel
-Machine-Learning approach proven against APT/Zero day malware
-No signatures required


Seamless Encryption protection on your Data from Capture to the Glass

PKWARE secures information internally and outside a company network

-Data is compressed and encrypted (reducing file size upwards of 90%) compliant and secure data lifecycle.
-Meets PCI, HIPAA, HIMMS, FISMA, HSPD-12, DAR, and FIPS requirements.
-SmartCrypt is the only solution approved by the DHS Safe Act for Protection of Infrastructure and Anti-Terror.
-Seamless Integration across the enterprise with supported platforms include IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mainframe.


Real Time User Behavior Analytics from SIEM or Log Management Solutions

Guiding a more effective response to existing SIEM systems

-A platform to pivot though an ocean of complex tools and data giving you information in real time.
-Detects Subtle behavioral differences and access characteristic’s which are not captured via current security tools.
-Security alerts to sessions with anomalous credential behaviors.
-Provides credential access data, threat intelligence and key security alert data


Single Sign On / Two Factor Tokenless Authentication

Seamlessly configure unlimited flexible authentication workflows

-20+ methods of 2-Factor Authentication to meet any use case.
-Single Sign-on through Federation leveraging protocols like OAUTH, SAML 2.0, OpenID, WS Fed/Trust... 
-Live threat intelligence including IP restriction, Device "finger" printing, Role Based Access, Geo-Veloci​ty and more.
-Self Service Password Reset. 


Data Aware Storage

Data Aware Storage allows Search, Discover, Protection and Governance.

-Search and Discover your files in near real time with proven.
-Analytics Who is accessing Sensitive data like intellectual property, trade secrets, customer lists and customer or employee personal information.
-Gain better visibility into stored data.
-Identify and protect confidential and sensitive data.


Application Performance Assurance for Virtualized and Cloud Environment

Provides workload efficiencies and performance in your virtual infrastructure

-Software driven solution for real-time matching of workload demand to Infrastructure supply to their desired state.
-Minimizes Network, Storage and Container Latency.
-Controls any workload on any infrastructure. (Public, Private, Hybrid, Cloud, Openstack, Multi-Hypervisor and VDI).
-Reduces Licensing costs, Capacity Planning and Converged Infrastructure.

Silver Peak

Software Defined Wide Area Network- SD-WAN

Securely connect users to their applications via the most cost-effective manner

-Broadband WAN-Save up to 90% in WAN costs by deploying secure, optimized broadband connectivity.
-Augment or replace MPLS with any form of connectivity (broadband, DSL, LTE, etc.).
-WAN Optimization-Improve the performance of all native and cloud applications.
-See and control all applications, and encrypt all WAN traffic with AES-256


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