Our Clients
Examples of how our leading-edge infrastructure technologies have helped our clients
Global Energy - Provided a centralized security platform to protect and secure mission critical devices while helping them meet stringent security compliance mandates.
Global Manufacturer - Provided data center automation, global infrastructure security, data leakage prevention and core network automation driving significant cost savings while improving security posture and increasing network performance across a global footprint.
Global Health Care – Provided a centralized network change and configuration management platform to manage all Layer 2 and 3 devices across multiple countries.
Global Technology – Provided a core network services platform to centralize a global data center network infrastructure and multiple locations providing automation for network operations.
Large Retail – Provided a layered data center centralized security solution platform to help protect and secure all retail locations across the United States.
Media & Entertainment – Provided a secure data center core network automation infrastructure solution across multiple TV stations and a national entertainment network.
Large Financial – Provided a data center core network services platform and security to automate network infrastructure while protecting regional and branch offices.
Federal Government – Provided a core Threat Intelligence platform to help security analysts mitigate threats and risks quicker to protect their infrastructure.
SLED – Provided network and security solutions across multiple State, Local and Education entities to help secure and automate their infrastructure.